Board of Directors

Melissa Murray

Mother to Dorian J. Murray; Founder of DJMF

Melissa Murray is the beloved mother of Dorian J Murray.  She was raised in Westerly, RI where she still resides today. She attended the Community College of Rhode Island to obtain her Accounting degree in 2003. She made great strides with her degree and became a financial professional for over a decade.  Melissa became a mother to Dorian when he was born in 2008. Her most important job started when her brave son Dorian was diagnosed with Stage IV Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer in 2012.  She became Dorian’s fulltime caregiver, staying by his side throughout his four year battle.  During Dorian’s fight Melissa was determined to share his story with the world in an effort to shed a light on this devastating disease and the chaos it brings to the families affected.

Kathryn Thomas

Co-Founder of DJMF; Business Manager and family friend



Meet The Board

The Dorian J. Murray Foundation is really taking shape and new talent is always welcome, as we

continue to grow! Our Board currently consists of exceptional and diverse talent to include: clinicians,

legal and business executives, mothers, fathers, and friends both local to New England and from across

the U.S. They remain dedicated to the successful growth of DJMF in full support of it’s Mission and


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